Published: 2018-03-23

Effect of calcium channel blocker as anticonvulsant and its potentiating effect when used along with sodium valproate in pentylenetetrazole induced seizures in Albino rats

Roopa B., Janardhan M., Karunasree P.


Background: Many antiepileptic drugs were introduced for the treatment of epilepsy. Ideal antiepileptic drug should not only prevent but also correct the underlying pathophysiology without altering the normal neurotransmission. Calcium channel blockers may form such group because initiation of seizure is associated intrinsic burst firing which is triggered by large inward calcium current, so this study was done to evaluate the anticonvulsant effect of amlodipine in albino rats.

Methods: A total of 42 adult albino rats were included in the study and divided into 7 groups, each containing 6 rats. Group 1 received distilled water, group 2,3 received sodium valproate 50mg/kg and 100mg/kg, group 4-6 received amlodipine 1, 2, 4mg/kg and group 7 received combination of Amlodipine 1 mg/kg and sodium valproate 50mg/kg. Pentylenetetrazole induced seizures model was done and onset of myoclonic jerks, onset of clonic convulsions and duration of clonic convulsions was studied.

Results: There was a significant anticonvulsant effect in Amlodipine doses 2, 4mg/kg (p <0.001). The combination of Amlodipine (1mg/kg) and Sodium valproate (50mg/kg) also had significant anticonvulsant effect.

Conclusions: Amlodipine, a calcium channel blocker has anticonvulsant effect and also potentiated the anticonvulsant effect of low dose sodium valproate.


Amlodipine, PTZ, Sodium valproate

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