Published: 2018-04-23

Comparative prospective randomized open label trial of synbiotic (bifilac) as an add on therapy with standard treatment in patients with aphthous ulcer

Sasikala G., Malar Sivaraman, Trayambak Dutta, Dhanasekar K. R.


Background: To trial the safety, efficacy and rapidity of response to a lozenges containing synbiotic in patients with minor aphthous ulcer.

Methods: A total of 60 patients were enrolled for the trial after obtaining IEC approval and randomly allocated into two groups. Control “Group A” was administered with conventional treatment i.e., zytee and B complex for 2 weeks and trial “Group B” was administered with Bifilac along with conventional treatment for 2 weeks. The results of this trial were analyzed both subjectively and objectively.

Results: Comparing with control group, where standard treatment was used with analgesics and B-complex, the trial group showed a quick relief of pain and helped in reducing mean size of ulcer.

Conclusions: This trial was done with synbiotic lozenges in minor aphthous ulcers and it proved to be better alternative for them. Moreover, synbiotics have no adverse effects.


Analgesics, Aphthous ulcer, Synbiotic, Lozenges

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