Published: 2018-03-23

Antibiotic sensitivity pattern of bacterial isolates from urine samples of admitted patients with urinary tract infection in a tertiary care teaching hospital of Tripura, India: a hospital record based study

Uttam K. Das, Prithul Bhattacharjee, Shubhaleena Debnath, Maitrayee Chakraborty, Ranjib Ghosh, Lakshman Das, Dipankar Chakraborty


Background: Urinary tract infection (UTI) being one of the most common and a serious health problem both in the community and hospital settings each year worldwide, the emergence of antibiotic resistance in the management of UTI is a serious public health issue. The present study will analyse the antimicrobial sensitivity pattern of pathogens isolated from the urine samples of admitted patients suffering from UTI in Tripura Medical College and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Memorial Teaching Hospital (TMC).

Methods: This was a hospital record-based study. The urine samples of clinically diagnosed UTI patients admitted in various departments of the hospital during the study period were included. The reports of culture and sensitivity testing of the samples were collected. The results were interpreted according to the guidelines of the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI).

Results: During the 12-month study period, a total of 752 urine samples were analysed. Enterococcus (43.75%) was the most frequently isolated bacteria, followed by E. coli (28.45%) and Klebsiella (14.89%). Enterococcus was highly sensitive (p<0.001) to vancomycin (95.33%), E. coli was mostly sensitive to nitrofurantoin (83.65%) and Klebsiella mainly sensitive to imipenem (75.49%).

Conclusions: The study showed that positive urine culture with the antibiotic sensitivity of the isolates is very important for antimicrobial therapy, as antibiotic resistance is a worldwide problem which causes ineffectiveness of treatment.


Antibiotic resistance, Enterococcus, E. coli, Klebsiella, Urinary tract infection

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