Published: 2018-04-23

The study for sources of stress and management among medical students

Suman Bala, Sanjoy Das, Radhika Jatana, Ragini Pundeer, Purva Kundu, Ramneet Kaur


Background: In recent years there has been a growing appreciation of the issues of quality of life and stresses involved medical training as this may affect their learning and academic performance. This study was carried out to assess the prevalence of sources and severity of stress and coping strategies among medical students.

Methods: A questionnaire-based study was carried out among the undergraduate medical students of Himalayan Institute of medical sciences, Jolly grant, Dehradun from July July 2015 to January 2016. The questionnaire consisted of questions on the basis of Academic, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Social Related Stressors and also various methods adopted by them to overcome stress.

Results: Out of 150 students only 136 (90%) responded. All the participants were of first and second professional MBBS course. Overall 56% Students felt studies are contributing to stress followed by 26% due to college, 18% due to friends and 9% due to family pressure. Due to academic stress performance anxiety for upcoming examinations was felt by 59% of the students. Among the personal stressor 58% experienced health related issues and their effect on level of fitness. Stress relievers like 67% of the total students preferred watching movies, while their preference for listening to music was observed in 38% to relieve stress.

Conclusions: It was concluded that students have a high level of academic stress followed by the social and personal stress. Since the stressors cannot be permanently eliminated, authors have to necessarily devise efficient methods for managing them.


Medical, Performance, Relievers, Stress, Students

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