Published: 2019-04-23

Analysis of cost between branded medicines and generic medicines in a tertiary care hospital

Mohith N., Nalini G. K., Deepak P., Sahana G. N., Jayashree V. Nagaral, Rakshitha B. V., Divyashree C. R.


Background: There is much debate regarding the importance of promoting the use of cheaper generic alternatives over brand-name drugs. While generic drugs have been noted to be comparable to brand-name drugs in their ability to treat conditions, significant debate surrounding their bioavailability or the concentration of the drug that reaches its site of action has arisen. Many experts continue to believe that generic and brand-name drugs are bioequivalent and equally viable options for effective drug treatment, as assumed in this review.

Methods: Prices of commonly used branded and generic medicines in same concentration, dosage form and combination were compared with the help of Indian Drug Review, brochures of pharmaceuticals and pharmacies and Jan Aushadhi price list 2017. Mean of all the prices available of branded and generic medicine were calculated and the percentage difference in the mean costs of generic and branded medicines were calculated.

Results: The mean cost of 47 branded medicines out of the selected 50 medicines was higher than their generic versions. Mean cost of 3 generic medicines was higher than branded ones. Percentage difference in the mean costs of branded and generic medicines varied from <10% to >70%.

Conclusions: This study has shown a very noteworthy difference of prices between branded and generic drugs. Efforts should be taken to promote the generic medication. Misconception about low efficacy with generic drugs should be erased.


Branded drugs, Cost-analysis, Debate, Generic drugs, Mean costs, Pharmacoeconomics

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