Published: 2019-05-23

A case report on incidental finding of thymoma as anterior mediastinal mass

Nithin K. T., Vikas Kumar, P. Prasanth


Thymomas are rare tumors in the anterior mediastinum, representing 50% of anterior mediastinal masses and about 20-30% of all mediastinal tumors. They are of unknown etiology; about 50% of patients with thymomas are diagnosed incidentally with chest radiography. Thymoma is classified into different stages, which determine the prognosis and type of management, the standard primary treatment for these tumors is Thymectomy. We present a case of 55-year female presented with shortness of breath, cough with expectoration and fever for past ten days. Chest x-ray revealed mediastinal widening. CECT chest showed a well-circumscribed heterogeneous solid enhancing mass lesion. FNAC was planned that showed features in favour of thymoma. Biopsy was done that confirmed lymphocyte rich type B thymoma.


Anterior mediastinal mass, Mediastinal widening, Thymoma, Tumors of thymus

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