Published: 2019-09-25

Study of self drug administration among second professional medical students

Asish kumar Biswas, Gajendra Kumar Singh, Akash Chandra, Upendra Kumar, Amrendra Narayan Mishra


Background: Self-medication is very common in our day to day life which is an unhealthy and risky practice. Present study was done to determine the knowledge, attitude and practice among second professional medical students.

Methods: A questionnaire related to self-medication with consent was prepared and distributed among the students of second professional. Data was collected and analysed the results expressed as counts and percentages.

Results: Total 100 students participated in the study for taking self-medication and was no need to visit the doctor for minor illness. In maximum students, source of information of the drugs used for self-medication pharmacological based and learning process in the college. The source of drug was medical store. Most of the students took self-medication for loose motion and headache followed by cough, cold and fever. Out of total 100 students most of the students took paracetamol tablet as self-medication.

Conclusions: This study showed that second professional medical students after studying pharmacological books they do not use any wrong medicine as self-medication. High level of awareness of second professional students has minimized self medication.


Self-medication, Questionnaire, Second professional students

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