Published: 2019-12-24

Potentiation of general anaesthetic activity of ketamine by memantine

M. S. Umamageswari, K. Vasanthan, T. M. Karthikeyan


Background: The study was done with the objective to evaluate synergistic activity of ketamine induced general anesthesia by memantine in wistar albino rats.

Methods: The wistar albino rats of either sex were divided into four groups of five animals. Group 1 received ketamine 40 mg/kg, group 2 received ketamine 80 mg/kg, group 3 received ketamine 40 mg/kg along with memantine 10 mg/kg and group 4 received 80 mg of ketamine along with memantine 10 mg/kg to evaluate the synergistic activity of ketamine induced general anesthesia by memantine. The sleep latency time and duration of sleep were measured in all the groups.

Results: The sleep latency time of group 4 is significantly decreased (p<0.001) compared to all other groups. The duration of sleep of group 4 is significantly increased (p<0.001) compared to group 1 and group 3, but less than that of group 1.

Conclusions: Memantine possess synergistic activity of ketamine induced general anaesthesia.


Ketamine, Memantine, General anaesthesia

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