Published: 2020-01-24

Study of prescribing pattern of drugs used in the treatment of bronchial asthma at tertiary care hospital of northern India

Garima Adhaulia, Divya Singh, Suryakant ., Ajay Verma, Arpita Singh, Rajendra Nath, Amod K. Sachan, Rakesh K. Dixit


Background: Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease requiring long term treatment. For an effective control of asthma symptoms background knowledge of the prescribing pattern of anti-asthmatic drugs is a must.

Methods: A prospective, observational study was conducted in the Department of Respiratory Medicine OPD, King George's Medical University, Lucknow. 114 patients of asthma were recruited for the study. A case report form was filled from patient’s prescription containing the demographic details of the patients, presenting complaints, investigations and drugs prescribed along with their dose, duration, frequency, route of administration.

Results: 114 patients’ prescriptions were assessed which showed average number of drugs per prescription - 3.22. 42.8% and 50% of the drugs were prescribed in accordance with World Health Organization model list of essential medicines and National list of essential medicines. Short acting β2 agonist (salbutamol), 61.4% was the most commonly and frequently prescribed single anti asthmatic drug. Combination of inhaled corticosteroid and long acting β2 agonist, 86.8% was the most commonly prescribed fixed dose combination anti asthmatic drug. Inhalational route (75%) was the most preferred one over oral route (25%).

Conclusions: Asthma being a chronic disease requires prolonged treatment which imposes economic burden on the patients. Judicious prescription of drugs not only improves the patient clinically but also removes the unnecessary burden. Data obtained from these studies can be used as a guide to make future decisions regarding standard prescription.


Asthma, Prescription pattern, Anti-asthmatic drug, Rational use of drugs

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